Logo for a multifamily apartment community in Orlando, FL. Client: ConAm

Logo for luxury apartments in Phoenix, AZ. Client: ConAm

Logo for a multifamily apartment community in Seattle, WA. Client: ConAm

Logo for a new multifamily apartment community in Hillsboro, OR. Client: ConAm

Naming and re-branding of a tax compliance software company. Client: Taxcient (formerly vAudit)

Fleet Assessment Services logo. Client: Solar Turbines

Logo for a veterinarian specializing in elderly pet care. Client: Kristi Freeman, DVM

Re-branding for a copywriter. Client: Jeff Adams

Re-branding for a community service non-profit radio station. Client: KNSJ.org

Corporate identity for a data storage start-up. Client: Mark Zani

Corporate identity for a tax preparation start-up. Client: Prepare My Return

Corporate identity for a business management group. Client: Delta Summit Group

Logo for a vacation community in Gilford, NH Client: Diamond View Association